Bra Strap Supporter

About Bra Strap Supporter

Are you simply tired of your bra straps slipping off your shoulders especially at the wrong time. Our patented Bra Strap Supporter is designed to comfortably hold your bra straps closer together at the back. Now your bra straps will never slip, or fall off your shoulders ever again! It's very simple to attach super comfortable to wear…you won't even know you're wearing one!

How the Bra Strap Supporter Works

Using quality velcro attachments, the Bra Strap Supporter is easy and effortless to attach and detach. Once it’s on, you don’t even notice it’s there. Also, our supporters are adjustable to fit any size bra so you can use them on any of your bras or even order them for someone else without worrying about the size. The Bra Strap Supporter eliminates falling bra straps forever. Order your package today and stop your bra straps from slipping off your shoulders.